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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Om Car accessories: Pionner Stereos with MIXTRAX Technology

Om Car accessories: Pionner Stereos with MIXTRAX Technology: The  MIXTRAX  audio system from Pioneer creates a non-stop mix of the entire music library to create a club like atmosphere in your car des...

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Pionner Stereos with MIXTRAX Technology

The MIXTRAX audio system from Pioneer creates a non-stop mix of the entire music library to create a club like atmosphere in your car designed keeping the music lover in mind.
Pioneer audio panel is equipped with iPod/iPhone connectivity as well and plays back music with added transitions and effects creating a Virtual DJ.

How it Works:

With MIXTRAX, the user's entire music collection is analyzed and various musical attributes including temp and beats per minute (BPM) are identified.
The software then tags each song and creates an assortment of playlists categorized in different genres and styles like Beat, Chill and Thump.
The advanced analysis of the software identifies the best transition points of each song in the music library and seamlessly mixes and blends the tracks together.
Uses of Mixtrax:
Innovative Pioneer technology that creates a Non-Stop MIX with a range of DJ-inspired effects that makes you journey more loveable. The Mix Style can be selected between Active, Standard and Simple, adjusting the intensity of the effects and transitions used, and the duration of each track within the mix. The custom MIXTRAX playlists can be transferred to a USB/SD Card and played through an assortment of Pioneer in-car Audio/Video products.
Om Car Accessories offers all running models of Pioneer with MIXTRAX technology in single din, double din and audio-video systems for your car. These are the new models available of Best Brand and lot of new features. Please visit for the latest models and best car stereos.

Please visit  for more information:

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Autocop TrackPro

Track Your Car From where ever you are with the help of latest product from AUTOCOP - TRACKPRO.
Autocop Trackpro Vehicle Tracker is the perfect solution for monitoring your vehicle. Autocop monitoring feature has been added to the Autocop Central locking. Autocop Central locking is already the best central locking for cars. The extensible tracking platform is built on today's Internet technologies. With Trackpro you can view your vehicles in real time in a web browser anytime anywhere and you can display historical track information for multiple vehicles.

It has lot of Features like:
1. LOCK (ARM) with Beep
2. LOCK (ARM) without Beep
3. LOCK(ARM) without interior movement
4. UNLOCK(DISARM) with Beep
5. UNLOCK(DISARM) without Beep
6. Panic Mode
7. Car Finder
8. Garage Mode (Service Mode)
9. Remote Button Child Lock
10. Interior Movement Alerts
11. Towed Away
12. Unauthorized Ignition Alert
13. Unauthorized Door Alert
14. GPS Connection
15. Trackpro Reconnected
16. Unauthorized Bonnet Alerts
17. SMS to locate your vehicle
18. Security control on your Anroid App
19. Real Time web base tracking on PC or Smart Phone
20. Vehicle Trip hostory and Summary
21. Nearest Fuel Pump Location via SMS
22. Illegal Door Open Alert
23. Geo-Fence alert (entry or Exit)
24. Route Deviation Alert
25. Over-speed Alert

Autocop Trackpro system can be installed in cars having prior central locking.

This is the best car central locking and monitoring system. It comes with 2 remotes.
Visit: Om Car Accessories, S.C.F.-11, Sector-28/C, Chandigarh. (Mob: 09988170608) for installing the same.