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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Om Car accessories: Sony Xplod Car Music System | 2013

Om Car accessories: Sony Xplod Car Music System | 2013: Sony  being the most famous and is having latest and advanced technology brand in the Car Music System. Sony comes with many exciting feat...

Monday, 5 August 2013

Sony Xplod Car Music System | 2013

Sony being the most famous and is having latest and advanced technology brand in the Car Music System. Sony comes with many exciting features like big speakers, better audio quality, superior bass, super video quality, updated navigation system, Multi-Disc Changers, Bluetooth and Wireless capability systems which offer good HD & Satellite Radio Tuners.
Sony Xplod CDX-GT525U Car Stereo is very latest madel of 2013. Sony's range of in-car CD receivers offers you quality for money. It is CD/MP3/AAC/Tuner player with App Remote, front USB, iPod Control Feature, ZAPPIN, Quick-BrowZer and having Advanced Sound Engine.With auxiliary input, USB and iPod Control Feature on the front, the new CDX-GT525U is a flexible player that lets you enjoy your music from a variety of sources. Also, having the front auxiliary input, the device allows you to plug in all MP3 Players, iPod/iPhone through the universal 3.5mm mini pin input. Furthermore, with instant connectivity, there will always be smooth connectivity of music from your iPod/iPhone to the headunit. Above all, the sound quality is augmented with the embedded technologies like: ZAPPIN, Quick-BrowZer, Digital Clarity Tuner and Advanced Sound Engine!

Use of ZAPPIN feature: Searching for your favourite song has never been easier and more fun! With the press of a button, ZAPPIN enables you to “ZAP-in” to preview the chorus of the next track with a choice of either 4 or 15 seconds, making it easy to browse and find the track you want. Found your tune? Simply press the button again to “ZAP-out” to start playback from the beginning. ZAPPIN allows easy browsing of songs by playing back only the main chorus part of each song.
App Remote for iPhone (control via USB Cable): App Remote (Frontal Aux-In) is a feature that unifies car audio music and Smartphone apps into a single source list that can be safely controlled from your car audio or Smartphone. Music information (album art etc.) is visualized on the Smartphone monitor. It charges the iPod/iPhone while also controlling music playback via the stereo’s controls. Music can be selected by artist, genre, playlist and so on, and the song info is shown on the unit’s LED display.

Sony XAV-63 Audio-video stereo has Double DIN design, 6.1(15.5 cms) WVGA touch screen display, Front USB 1-Wire input for iPod, iPhone and USB devices, plus Passenger App Control for iPod and iPhone, Virtual 5.1ch, Advanced Sound Engine, Digital Clarity Tuner and many more.
  • Passenger App Control - Passengers can stream any content (smart-phone apps, movies, songs) from your iPod ® or iPhone® vwith a dedicated cable.
  • See the action come to life - Don't compromise on picture quality with an ultra bright 6.1 inch WGVA screen.
  • Enjoy a purer sound - Our digital processing technology, Digital Clarity Tuner ensures a natural sound even far away from a radio transmitter
  • The soundtrack to how you're feeling - Feeling full of energy, or in a mellow, laid back state of mind? SensMe™ automatically creates a playlist based on your mood.
  • Preview each track - Hear a snippet of the chorus of each track until you find the one you like with ZAPPIN™ - perfect for tracks that start quietly.
  • Perfect timing - Just you in the car? Intelligent time alignment adjusts the sound from different channels for an optimised experience.
  • Get traffic and track info - Take advantage of RDS and ID3 tags to get track, artist and other song information as well as the latest traffic updates.
  • No fuzz or distortion, just the pure sound - High/Low pass filters keep the audio signal free from interruptions and unwanted noise, keeping the sound just as it was intended.
  • Hear music your way - With a seven band equalizer (EQ7) and Bass Enhancer you can hear your music exactly how you want to.

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Monday, 15 July 2013

Car Gear Lock (Car Security System)

Car Gear Lock (Car Security System)

Due to increasing cases of Car Theft, people are looking for more safety equipments. Nothing guarantees your car won't be robbed, but you can improve car security without spending huge money. So GEAR LOCK (Mechanical Immobilizer) is one of the best device to protect your car from theft. It provides utmost protection from the danger of theft. Gear Lock can lock the gear of the car, so that theif can't change it, so making it very difficult to drive. It locks the gear stick of car which protects it from theft. They have highly visual appearance, which helps in protecting your car as anyone trying to steel the car would have to spend bit more time to destroy/break the same, so they usually avoid such cars.

Main advantages of Gear Lock are:
1. They are Mechanical Immobilizer as there is no concern with electronic part of car.
2. These are easy to operate (lock and unlock) gear.
3. Crafted from tough materials that resist cutting or tampering.
4. They are fitted with Special tamper-proof nuts for lock attachment.
5. It can shackle the lock even without the key.
6. They have different keys other than car door key, so giving it extra protection.
7. They are High precision beyond duplication key and are Maintainence free mechanism.
8. Fits the majority of automatic and manual vehicles.
9. Cannot be penetrated by any chisel, drill, bolt cutter, or steel saw.
10. They come with 5 yaers warranty.

There are mainly two types of gear locks. Both are equally effective in terms of security and price but they fits according to the car model:

  1. U-Type Gear Lock

Locks secured by special hardened steel plates attached onto a car-body by tamper-proof bolts. Once the lock has been reattached with the gear stick between it and the stand the key can be used to lock the gear stick in that position.

In this gear lock is attached in the car console. They are installed by highly experienced technicians of brand of which you choose the gear lock.
       2.    Pin-Type Gear Lock
We sell gear lock of major brands like Guardian (from Autocop), Crosslink Wheels and minda. These come with 5 years warranty and installed by company's expert engineers only.
For more information, visit www.omcaraccessories.com.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Hyundai Verna Fludic Car Seat Covers

Hyundai Verna Fludic Car Seat Covers after fitting u-impress Design.
These seat covers are skin fit with original arm rest fitting.
For more details, visit www.omcaraccessories.com or visit at following address:

Om Car Accessories
S.C.F.-11, Sector-28/C
Ph- 0172-2651568

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Om Car Accessories new poster for 2013

Om Car Accessories new poster for 2013.

Om car accessories has very large range of latest models of car stereos, audio/video systems, car speakers of Sony Xplod, pioneer, kenwood, JVC and JBL, Car seat covers of Autoform, Eagle, elegant, cotton, skin fit (bucket fitting) of all models, Car central locking/gear locks of guardian (autocop) and crosslink, carpet mats, 3d (tray) mats and latest car perfumes and polishes.

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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Om Car accessories: Seat Covers for your Car

Om Car accessories: Seat Covers for your Car: Seat Covers for your Car Car seat covers are required for the protection of your car seats. Seat covers are available in any size and co...

Seat Covers for your Car

Seat Covers for your Car

Car seat covers are required for the protection of your car seats. Seat covers are available in any size and color to fit any model of car. Seat covers protect your seats and provide a lot more comfort while travelling.

Advantages of Car Seat Covers

  • Car Seat Covers are the best way to protect the interior of any vehicle and to keep as much grime and dirt from soiling the seats
  • Car Seat Covers also add an elegant touch to the interior of any vehicle
  • Owners can install seat covers as per their style and taste.
  • Car Seat Covers help retain the value of a vehicle and keep it looking great to protect your investment.
  • Car seat covers provide extra protection to the seats from the UV beams of sun that will cause the original seat covers to fade. They also protect the seats from stains. Direct sunlight on your fabrics has a bleaching effect. Where once your seats were dark blue or black, an overdose of ultra violet radiation will leave your seats looking purple or ashen. 
  • Car Seat covers cover over existing damage/stain on original seat covers to give good look to your colour. SO its better to install car seat covers on time to avoid original car seat covers getting damaged.
  • While getting in and out of your vehicle may seem like a harmless operation, it is, in fact, putting a lot of stress on your seats.As time passes, the strength of the leather or fabric starts to wane, so the seat covers protect the original car seat covers.

Types of Car Seat Covers

There are different types of car seat covers:

  1. Custom fit: It will be fit for only a particular car seat. It gives a great look. It comes with matching interior colors and according to shape and size of the car seats. It can be skin fitted, bucket fitted and normal fitted to give great looks to the interiors according to the choice.
  2. Semi-Custom: These are similar to custom fit seat covers, but are less expensive. It can be fitted semi bucket type and normal fit. It also comes in matching with car interiors. 
  3. Universal Seat Cover: These seat covers can be used in any kind of cars. These can be altered as per the car sat shape and size.
For more information visit: www.omcaraccessories.com